Welcome to College Escrow

The Wise Choice


College Escrow is a full service escrow company and regulated by the Department of Business Oversight. We have operated by our own proprietary business and escrow safeguards that we have developed, maintained, and monitored since 1992.

We adhere to strict internal policies and practices to provide ultimate customer service and consumer protection — College Escrow real estate settlement for a real difference in your escrow services.


What separates College Escrow as an independent licensed escrow company from the rest is that our sole business is providing escrow services — no outside controlled business arrangements.

100% neutral and independently owned.

We Are:


  • Certified Escrow Officers by the California Escrow Association
  • Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation
  • The Escrow Institute
  • California Escrow Association
  • American Escrow Association
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation


  • We Follow Best Practices
  • Licensed, Bonded, criminal background checks of all employees, owners and stockholders
  • Audited by random regulator audits, monthly audits and annual CPA audits
  • Maintain trust fund insurance of $5,000,000.00
  • Onsite management experience requirements
  • Pass random regulator audits, annual CPA audits, and monthly third party reconciliations